So Sew

So I decided it was definitely time to perfect my sewing machine skills after watching The Great British Sewing Bee and being inspired by the amazing Ann!

I thought I’d start simple with some cushion covers and where better to begin than going fabric shopping at Liberty London?



By the time I’d threaded the machine and pinned the fabric, I had lost a couple of hours! Although it isn’t the most exciting stage, it is worth taking your time to pin the fabric accurately.


In this case I was using a 40x40cm cushion and so cut the fabric 45x45cm to allow for a 2.5cm hem either side. This was a bit overly cautious and it could have been thinner at the edges in hindsight. For the reverse, I cut it in two separate sections, each 45x30cm to allow for a neat hem and the overlap. I could have cut the fabric in one long piece and folded it over but I liked that when using three pieces it gave a sharper edge to the cushion cover.


I hemmed the overlap and then sewed on the ribbon and tag before stitching the edges on the machine. 


And voila! Here was the result:









Thanks for reading! These cushions will be available on Etsy shortly so watch this space:


You can see more from Kate Eva Designs at


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