My Wayfair Blogger’s Picks

Wayfair asked me to pick my top 6 products from their site, so here are 6 products that I think make great additions to a craft space (some of which I have already!) 1. This shelf unit is perfect for arranging craft suppliers, and the industrial finish tones down bright colours and patterns. I store … Continue reading My Wayfair Blogger’s Picks


Small Sewing Space Ideas

You'll probably know by now if you follow my Instagram that I don't have a huge sewing room; my crafting space is pretty modest and I'm definitely of the opinion that it's possible to create a dedicated craft space in any room. Mine is in the corner of my bedroom.  I think the key to … Continue reading Small Sewing Space Ideas

A Simple Christmas

I'm normally an advocate for 'more is more' at Christmas but this year I decided to go a little subtler, concentrating mainly on white and green with hints of silver and pewter. I like that the lights and eucalyptus give a Christmassy feel without being overbearing. I also decided to add some eucalyptus into my … Continue reading A Simple Christmas